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the class voted to occupy the entire 2 period PE with captains ball, again.

seriously wth. Again?

we’ve been playing captains ball for like 2901875091 years, and you’re still not bloody sick of playing netball-style while having some slacker (that would be me haha) stand on a wobbly chair to function as a goalpost that actually bothers to catch the ball?

i sure am.

i really wanted to try handball okay. if you like running around so much, handball is pretty much the same as captains ball what. just that you shoot into the soccer goalpost.

piang ehzz… -_-

maybe even floorball wouldve been an interesting CHANGE. except that im frightened of sticks and tiny balls that can potentially blind me if someone hits a bulls eye, pun intended.

yea well since i wasnt very enthusiastic about playing captains ball (partly because i sarrrk at it), i just stood around for most of it, only moving my ass abit when the ball was within 2 metres from me.

haha but not bad, with the skillz of melinda, joel and a few others in our team, we managed to pwn the other 2 teams. and when i was trying to escape all the running around and volunteered to be the idiot on the chair, we scored 6 goals for that game.

i’d like to think my newly gained 1.5cm has abit to do with my increased arm span and greater ability to catch the ball. lol oh shut up.

please la, next week can we dont play captains ball?

unless its a choice between that, softball and basketball,
the next 2 worse PE sports in the entire world.


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