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amagawd, transformers was majorly kickass awesome.

i daresay it is 10 times better than pirates, and 50 times better than spiderman. it was simply omgwtfbbq at every point of the movie, especially for someone like me who used to think that transformers was for noob boys who are addicted to silly anime cartoons, and so never watched a single episode of transformers.

apart from all the various cool morphings, or to be dull and precise, transforming, (is there no other synonym for transforming?) megan fox is omgwtfHOT!

though i really must say that its amazing how she can be running around the destroyed streets of new york, scrambling around in dirty sand from megatron, driving a dusty tow truck, and all the while wearing the same skanky cleavage-revealing shirt without having a single wardrobe malfunction. thats it then- she must be using metres worth of hollywood tape.

well but i google-imaged her and found one too many suggestive pictures of her from FHM so i wont copy any of them here.

and she has inspired me to get myself some awesome abs like her. though perhaps by the time i actually succeed, she would already be 50 and have saggy boobs. so forget it.

enough about girls.

anyway i had to be someone’s bitch yesterday, to do up the entire WAP presentation for thursday’s post WAP whatever. its about 9 slides long and really not that difficult to do, just time-consuming, and you know how i hate it when im made to sacrifice sleep-time just so someone else can sleep and make me her bitch.

still, better me doing it than someone else, because that’s the only way that i can safely ensure that the topic of my unfortunate accident remains undiscussed at the post WAP briefing, especially in front of the other group of WAPers who were attached to the (much bloodier) cardiac dept at NUH.

and thanks kenny for the teh-bing treat. for that im going to wish you happy birthday on my blog. and you know that is a pretty big thing because i rarely do it. haha so,

happy (tomorrow) birthday frankie-kenny!


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