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the past 2 days of school have not been good.

after school on monday we went to cold rock creamery at holland V, which is a new australian ice-cream parlour that is simply awesome. you get to choose from a whole variety of flavours and then select any kind of mix-ins to enhance the awesome-ness of your ice-cream. i especially like this place because they have crunchie and freddo mix-ins, which im going to try in time to come!

and since its quite new, its hardly populated by AC people. so we got to sit on the cool swinging chairs that are attached to the ceiling. though it might be abit scary if you have a phobia of swings crashing down on you after you finish a pint of ice-cream, but i assure you it makes the ice-cream eating experience that much more exciting. haha because everytime you want to get a scoop of ice-cream, you have to swing yourself forward and grab onto the table.

be sure not to swing too hard though, or you might really crash down onto your awesome-ly mixed ice-cream.

well i was having a migraine the whole day. so i went home after that and puked out just about most of the awesome ice-cream i’d eaten earlier. and i was running a terrible fever all throughout the night.


and today i didnt have an appetite for anything except chicken rice, but the short-lived hunger left me 2 minutes into my meal. so i left 3/4 of the rice uneaten.

yea i know i know im supposed to be a little bit more conscious about poverty and children starving in third world countries after famine camp. but you cant expect me to finish up all that rice and then launch into a puking marathon all through chem and bio lecture.

haha speaking of famine camp, i just got these pictures from irma.

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that boren and xiang un having a ball of a time corrupting the minds of the poor mentally disabled people at the METTA home.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

anyway, i certainly hope that the rest of the week gets considerably better. and dammit, i realised that i still have recre squash every wednesday. so much for slacking off to go mug ):


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