famine camp 2007

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30 hours of starvation really was quite a feat to achieve. skipping breakfast or dinner is like peanuts-chicken-pang-sai compared to starving for bloody 30 hours.

i was hungry the moment they started the countdown, despite having forced myself to finish a bowl of yong tau foo from the poly canteen.

anw i really have to be thankful, because i ended up in the same group as melinda kenny and joel. each of the 8 groups was named after one developing country. and hahaha we got to be banglas for the 30 hours.

it was damn hilarious the moment we got our groupings, because people were going around asking, ‘eh you bangla? HAHA i bangla also!’

and then the big game started. its a long story to tell but basically everyone had to pretend to be poor african people who had to run around to get jobs, food and water for their slacking governments.

per family, there had to be 4 kids and 4 adults, one of which was HIV positive, one blind, and 2 crippled. some families had mutes and people with broken limbs. all simulated of course. haha brenda was sporting enough to offer to be HIV positive while i volunteered to be blind, which was a bitch. because they stuck a piece of masking tape over my left eye and i could only use my right eye to see. that gave me a slight headache so i ripped the thing off 1 hour into the game.

i got a fishing job. and when i attended the first training, i had to learn how to tie knots. simple ones like figure 8 and 2 others that i vaguely remember. i passed the test but couldnt find the next training station. so i ditched the lousy paying job and decided to take up an illegal job instead, which paid a whole lot better.

haha there were 3 illegal jobs,
1. prostitution
2. organ dealing
3. drug dealing

i thought prostitution was a real blast because i’d get to be a blind kid prostitute. hahaha wtf. unfortunately i couldnt get the coupon for it. so i ended up donating my liver instead.

donating organs are no joke ok. we had to do 30 push ups, 30 sit ups, and 30 jumping jacks for god knows what reason before they gave us our money. my fitness level has indeed fallen to a new low after all the mass PE and pft pe sessions. lol bummer.

well, after you donated your liver, you had to roll a die and predict the number that will appear on the die. if the number matches, then you’re supposedly healthy after organ donation. if it doesnt match, there’ll be a diesease sheet for you to match the number on the die with the respective diesease represented by that number.

and once i had the rules explained to me, i was like shit. but i called 3 and rolled the die anyway. to my surprise, the die really showed a 3.
wah piangz ehx!!!!11

unfortunately melinda wasnt so lucky. she contracted HIV in the process and had to wear a black garbage bag over her shirt haha. then she had to go for HIV treatment education, which she subsequently failed, and so was stuck with HIV, and the garbage bag shirt lol.

joel and kenny were bound to each other the whole time because they offered to be crippled. so they were hobbling around with a piece of raffia string tied to their sandals, occasionally shouting at each other cos one would be walking too fast for the other. haha, both of them also contracted HIV. joel had it while he was prostituting himself (i can imagine how happy his clients would be, because they’ll get 2 prostitutes tied to each other for the price of 1). and kenny got his because he failed his HIV education test. hahaha lolwtf

ok so moving on, the night progressed quite terribly. because that’s when the hunger and gastic pains really set in. i barely slept- probably like only 3 hours. so the next day, i felt quite fatigued and still bummed from the gastric pains.

luckily i didnt need to collect newspapers. instead, we went to a mentally disabled home in marsiling called METTA. and entertained the people there for 2 hours plus. the experience was extremely different from what i had expected, but it was rather memorable, especially with boren and xiang un dancing with orgasmic expressions on their faces while they were trying to imitate some of the people there.

then we got back and basically slacked 3 to 4 hours away. we spent the time playing card games like daidee, which i finally got quite good at! (: , asshole daidee and blackjack.

the famine concert was hosted by jaymee ong (yucks) and was pretty sleep-inducing, with weird acapella groups where their lead singer had lousy diction- they sang truly madly diply. jaymee ong was being rather anal and walking around the whole place acting like she was someone from hi-5, with really bad sarcastic humour.

it only got awesome when EIC got onstage. EIC is a singaporean band who is 10 times as good as electrico, needless to say ronin lol. and they sing really great covers of songs from jason mraz and U2. i seriously wouldnt have minded if they sang for the whole 30 hours. i might get their album when it comes out in august, if i still remember them haha.

and then the countdown started and i dont remember feeling so excited about something till the point that i was screaming my lungs out. later, we hurried to get the sponsered fish burgers from BK and it was off to pratahouse for a hugeass post famine dinner. screw the recommended post famine meal of a piece of fruit. it was 2 pratas baby!

ah feels good to eat again. i’ll never give up 30 hours to do this shit again, even though it was fun. once is quite enough i think. haha eating has always been a hobby and no way am i going to let someone take it away from me ever again.

on the bright side! i might have lost 0.5 kg! yay! now i just need to play badminton to firm up my muscles and get rid of the fats. albabod here i come!


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