wap IV: shower caps and punching bags

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i continued with WAP for the next 2 days, though i tried very hard to stay away from the minor operating room, especially so when that particular patient came for his daily wound dressing. lol

unfortunately, i had become the topic of gossip in the ENT department over the next few days. most of the time, they’d see me and ask, ‘eh hows your friend who fainted ah?’ and i’d be force to give an embarrassed, ‘oh uh ha ha that would be me’, to which they’d make me cock up my chin to let them have a look at my stitches. i swear, if my stitches break, im going to give them each an 8-stitches gash to make them remember me for life.

anw today was the last day. and we had to come extra early to follow the doctors around on the ward visits. but it was mainly alot of pretending to understand what the doctors are rattling on about, just in case they turn to you and nod- with which you have to nod intellectually right back with an enlightened smile.

well their conversation sort of goes like this:

the thing is, the patient has TNS and a little of ANS. but we are not sure about the FUC condition of his RSE. perhaps we could do a ABC and maybe even a ZXY. but of course, there’s always the threat of LOL cropping up. so i suggest we look at the XRAY and find the BBQ first, before we make a decision.

ok i totally made that up.
but you get the gist i guess haha

after that it was alot of (haha) bumming around in the kopitiam and meeting room talking. then we went to the clinics for an hour or so before we left for lunch. ah the good life..

later we changed up into green operating theatre gowns, shower caps, masks, crocs and all, and headed to OT 9 to observe a ear-drum patching operation.

(eh shit i just realised you dont say ‘an ear’
or do you? lol )

haha anw i didnt faint this time, though im bloody never going to be a doctor because i am not sadistic and really do not enjoy cutting up ears and poking at people’s insides. plus i got tired after standing around for 1 hour while watching the operation. lol so i dont think they’d want a surgeon who needs to sit down to rest before she can continue repairing a bleeding artery.

ill try get the pictures of us in the ridiculous baggy pants, indecent cleavage-exposing tops (for the guys, especially so for shaun lol) and hot pink crocs from joshua soon enough.

the day ended off with a trip to the allergy test room, where joshua found out he was pretty damn sensitive, just too bad it isnt in the SNAG way. and joshua and tzening both volunteered to get nose-scoped. they volunteered for just about anything anyway. i bet if there was some test to taste their faeces, they would’ve done that too.

yup so thats about it. though i really must bitch about this Bloody Annoying Prick that was getting on my nerves the whole time. lets call it BAP (im not very imaginative i know).

basically BAP was acting like a damn big shot the whole damn time, butting (literally) into doctors as they’re making a diagnosis, and scaring the poor patients off with exaggerated and explicit descriptions of the polyp removal process. if i were the patient id totally pull out my blood and mucous covered nose scope and shove it up BAP‘s nose.

and if you ever need to change your vacuum cleaner. i assure you that BAP will do a shithell of a sucking up job, if you get what i mean.


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