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lol i fainted today

it was a complete noob moment la so please bear with me. i was scheduled to visit the various rooms again today. and since i wanted a little more excitement- watching pus sucking is way way too boring right. so i asked to go to minor op room to observe the operations.

shariff, the j1 guy, came along with me. and we sat in for a wound cleaning procedure. the patient had a throat wound the size of a 50 cent coin. because they removed i cant remember what from it. so once the nurse removed all the blood soaked gauze covering it, we saw the wound stuffed with some more gauze.

and omg i thought it would be like little small balls of cotton wool. instead, the nurse pulled out 2 pieces of 15 cm long gauze that was rolled neatly in the hole. aw shit. but i was feeling okay then of course.

later she used the forceps to grab onto a piece of cotton wool soaked in blue antiseptic solution, and stuffed it into the guy’s holey throat to clean it. she was like holding up a side of the skin, and digging slowly in the hole.

when she digged the sides i was still alright. but when i saw her putting the damn thing right into the hole, black spots started filling up my vision and my hearing gradually shut off. i had a similar experience of wanting to faint before, but i thought it’d all just go away after awhile, like it did before. so i waited until my vision completely blacked out.

which was really stupid

but the more stupid thing was that it was then that i finally decided to go back to my chair on the other side of the operating room. so i walked off and whatever that happened next im not so sure, because i woke up to find shariff calling my name anxiously.

it was like a whole dramatic scene being played out. when i woke up it was still rather dark. and at the corner of the blackness i could see shariff’s worried face. hahaha and i heard the nurse shouting, ‘SOS! STUDENT FAINTED!!’ and i was thinking, ‘huhhh…me ahh?’ hahahaha

and then they had me loaded onto a trolley bed and wheeled into the corner. i was breaking up into cold sweat by then. and i realised my uniform was stained with huge spots of blood. then shariff said that i was walking, and then i walked right into the door lol. after that i fell flat on the floor (omg my poor already-flat nose). so when he flipped me over, there was blood all over my chin, and on the floor.

so there i had that 1.5 cm wound stitched up by one of the nice consultants at the ENT clinic. that was after waiting for 2 hours or so though. its about 8 stitches and luckily i had it stitched after they shot me 5 times with anaesthesia. the shots were pretty damn painful though.

still, i got to get them removed on sunday. my mums going to do it for me so i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. i hope its the former.

ah well here’s what it looks like

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the other faint line at the right side is another scar i had when my asshole brother pushed me and my chin got cut on the fan wire 10 years ago. but nothing much, i didnt get stitches for it.

haha well so much for a super dumbass moment la. i felt fucking noob after that. there were so many things i couldve done to avoid the damn incident. but walking despite not being able to see seemed like the best thing to do at the point in time. all the nurses and doctors who attended to me after that pretty much had that same look of lolwtf on their faces as i explained the series of events repeatedly to them.

they kept asking things like
‘why didnt you sit down straight away?’ or
‘why did you want to see minor op if you are scared of blood?’ or
‘why do you want to become a doctor if you are scared of blood?’

i mean wtf la if i knew all that, do you think i’d still be sitting here explaining to you about how i got my 8 stitches?

ah but i guess i wont blame them. because i’d laugh if were them too. anyway i hope the situation isnt so awkard for the last 2 days of my attachment. i guess it is inevitable isnt it? im now known as the girl who fainted after watching a wound cleaning procedure. how unvaliant. anyway i really dont need more people asking me questions that make me feel stupid, or worse still, laughing in my face and telling me how i shouldnt even be on this attachment.

fainting is really not funny. and getting 8 stitches for it is even less amusing. i’ll punch you in the face if you laugh and you’ll find out if getting 8 stitches for that gash on your eye is funny or not.

oh, i certainly hope that i dont faint a second time after watching the ear drum patching operation tml. this time, im going to sit and watch the damn operation.

anyway thanks to all the people who were there with me, esp shariff, whos damn good at making me forget about the noobness. and my esp my dear dear parents who rushed down from work. as well as all the other people who were concerned about it. i really really appreciate it.


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