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i had to drag my lazy bum out of bed today at an insane hour of 730- believe me, its quite hard considering ive had a week of consecutive late nights and later mornings.

yup so today was the first day of WAP.

well the day started off with us being briefed about the here and theres of the ENT (ear, nose throat) clinic. then they allocated us in pairs to each room in the subsidised clinics.

so basically we just sat around on squeaky swivel chairs to watch the doctor see patient after patient. at first it was pretty interesting to watch the doctor stick this rubber tube thing down the patient’s nose all the way to his adam’s apple. and the squeamish part wasnt seeing the tube go down, rather, it was more frightening to watch the patient squirm uncomfortably in his seat or even cry out in pain. so i guess ive got a heart after all.

there was also the procedure of sucking stuff out of the ear. its some metal tube that is just slightly thicker than a mechanical pencil tip i think. and you can suck just about anything from the ear, like (loads of) pus and hugeass ear wax. but of course it hurts like shittypangsai. and i really really pity the patients, because they dont even get anything to numb the pain before they stick the sucker tube in.

well and half the time we were just stoning because it got quite monotonous after awhile. though i should think the ear drum patching op that ill be observing on thursday would be quite exciting, if i dont faint that is. haha

anyway i can safely say that im completely turned off from choosing the career path of a doctor. because a doctor’s life really sucks. can you imagine mugging about psysiology for 30 more years of your life, waking up at 3am in the morning to go to work for the next 15 hours, sitting in a stuffy outpatient clinic for 12 hours and then telling your kids how they should never be doctors when they grow up.

and that is if you even make it to med sch in the first place.

i was quite under the impression before, that doctors earn big pays, go to work 5 days a week only, and splurge on louis vuitton and high teas at mandarin with other rich doctor friends during the weekends. plus doctors have smartass kids who can enjoy the elite journey of raffles like a breeze.

lol but coming to think of it, that can also happen if you marry a doctor. so maybe i should switch ambitions (not to marry a doctor, though i wouldnt mind haha). perhaps i could migrate to New Zealand and be a sheep herder, and live a relaxing life of grass, kiwifruits, and mutton.


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