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while i was doing that little life list last december, i was seriously considering putting in there, the goal of ‘donate blood at least once’.

but i was a chicken and decided not to pressure myself into committing to something so frightening as this.

but all that shall change this year. because i am going to try and overcome my fear of both needles and blood together on the same day.

of course, that is easier said than done.

i dont expect that donating blood is as painless as my dear mummy says it is. well according to her, they inject anesthesia into your upper arm to numb the pain of the bigshit needle pricking your skin later. still, injecting the anesthesia has gotta hurt like shit right? and even before they confirm that you are eligible for blood taking, they have to prick your finger to obtain a tiny blood sample to check if you are anaemic.

wth so that equates to being poked a minimum of 3 times

if you have huge muscles getting in the way of your vein, or get a cock-eyed nurse, you’d definitely have to be poked more than once. and being poked by a bigshit needle, even with anaethesia, is no laughing matter.

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and thats why im starting to get chicken again. but i really really want to do this. so yea no chickening out like last year. furthermore, the extra incentive if i actually do it, is to earn the respect of all the wussy boys who backed out because they were scared to faint from the pain. which includes my brother and pretty much all of the other guys i know really, ha ha.

oh yea and i cant back out because

-im not less than 45 kg, unlike melinda

-or stayed in UK for a period of time, like cassy did

-or have hepatitis A, like melinda says she has

-or need to be alive and well for restless, like vivian does

-or have huge forearm muscles that break bigshit needles, like joel

-or are afraid that donating 450ml of blood will sap away all dota skillz, like kenny and renard

so i shall be charitable, accumulate good karma, give lots of O+ blood to save all the people with A, B, AB and O blood, and make the world a better place to live in.

and get CIP hours haha

why not you too?


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