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i finally made the swap from nokia to sony ericsson, when i borrowed my dad’s K610i for the moment. haha its an infinite moment really, until i get to upgrade my phone in october. 21 month plans are a bitch.

anyway i realised that im quite technophobic. after 5 years of sticking with user-friendly and no-brainer nokia phones, i find myself having a whole lot of trouble trying to figure out how to type a message. haha noob is the word.

and i really suck at the tennis game. i swear im going to get better at it over the next few weeks. otherwise renard is definitely going to laugh at me.

haha but YES finally i have a phone that actually has bluetooth. i hate it when someone is trying to send me unglam pictures of sleeping people and i have to stupidly ask whether they can infra-red it to me instead. and then wait there like an idiot, with two phones connected together (which looks remarkably similar to playing digimon haha), trying to receive the file.

thats not it, after waiting 3 minutes for the transfer bar to be complete, my phone tells me i cant receive the file because i dont have enough memory.

ha ha ha i have bluetooth nowww!!

shit la i sound so noob. shut up already.
im cool now, because i have bluetooth like you! (:


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