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its been an awfully lousy week. there’s almost enough emo to pass around to be shared by everyone.

on the other hand, ive been trying to convince renard that i do play dota. lol apparently hes pretty noob at it. so i randomly sprout out the things (eg: godlike ownage! m-m-m-monster kill!) i hear from my brother’s computer while he’s pwning a game (in the easy mode). and the poor bugger believes every single word that i say. hahaha life is good when renard shuts up about how hes better than everyone at everything.

ive also been spending alot more time in the school library. studyings is alright there. but the sucky thing(s) about the school library is that:

– the toilet is so so so far away
– you can only bring clear water bottles in, or risk getting shouted at by the menopausal librarians
– its impossible not to people watch
– its impossible not to couple-pda watch
– the atmosphere is simply sleep-inducing
– the aircon is crazy. its like the artic downstairs, and mount doom upstairs.

well i suddenly feel very lousy.
after so bloody long, i cant not let it stop getting to me.
and its so dumb to think about it, really.


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