toyboy Bailey

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i was studying bio at coffee bean, when this Australian family came to sit at the table opposite. and as usual, they had absolutely adorable kids who were making shitass alot of noise. but they were too cute to piss me off.

after shooting many kiddy faces across the table at the little bespectacled angmoh boy of about 6, he decided to come over to our table with his little packet of skittles.

wtf he walked right over and held my hand

and if that wasnt smooth enough, he was flashing me the sweetest smile he could manage with his cheek muscles. haha bloody hell of course i was scared la. i usually dont get little boys coming up to hold my hand right.

then his father called out to him,
‘are you flirting?’
‘stop being the third wheel, come here!’

the boy continues to flash his cutesy smile at me before turning back,
‘i’m busy. i’m talking to the lady’

his dad replies,
‘but she’s busy! well you can talk to me.
dont you see you’ve got competition?’

anyway, i ask him what his name was. but he ignored my question. so mat gave a shot at asking it again, and the boy points at him and says ‘naughty!’

and because of the slang and all, i thought his name was ‘noddy’ haha. but well, he continued pointing at mat and saying ‘naughty’ for at least 2 more times before saying that his name was Bailey.

so cute, suave Bailey turned back to his dad and said that he was going to ask for my number. and he proceeded to whip out his thomas the toy engine plastic phone and showed it to me. then i dont know why, but he started shouting some uncomprehensible words, raining spit all over my arm.

before Bailey left, he gave me an orange skittle, but gave none to mat. haha and that was the end of the toyboy affair.

well maybe, Bailey, when you are 18, handsomer, and still just as into asian chicks, i’ll go out with you. haha.


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