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napfa is bloody OVER!

and i have no idea what kind of miracle happened, because i not only managed to do 7 pull ups to get the minimum of D, i did 12! 😀

12 effing pull ups, hahaha thats siao la. actually it wasnt really 12 since the supervising relief ex-student was extremely lenient with all of us. so at least 6 of my pull ups were counted with him shutting his eyes tightly.

but heck it, i got gold!

haha and i beat renard to 51cm for sit and reach. that should shut him up about how hes better at me at this and that blah blah blah. vivian would do a better job at that actually. she reached her way till 59.5cm.
omgwtfbbq rubber legs

so really this is it. now i can look forward to a life of eating and not having to worry about being unable to run less than 14 mins for 2.4km.

whatever heavy stuff i have to carry will just have to be left with the boyfriend, so screw pull ups forever.

i dont suppose that even if i had to sprint for the bus, i’d have to tap the bus, run 10 metres in the other direction, tap something else and run back to the bus. hahahha wtf

okay at least sit ups will come in quite handy if i’ve put on 1 too many kg and cant fit into my wedding dress or something.

but seriously, who ever invented the standing broad jump, like real im ever going to need to jump 190cm to get across the long kang surrounding my hdb flat.


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