emo spidey

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spiderman 3 was pretty good if not for the fact that i had to sit in the 3rd row and have my head positioned at a 45 degree angle for the whole 120 minutes. i really dont know how you-know-who does it haha.

anyway i cant be a spoiler, but im just going to say that the movie was too emo at times. and peter parker ended up looking like peter petrelli from heroes. which is really disastrous because tobey maguire looks completely gay with his emo fringe.

ah school is bloody tiring these few days. and im saying it despite the public holiday that just passed. well but im trying to get rid of the stress by playing uno and scrabble- which is really an intellectual game that could, perhaps, lift my gp vocab section from a pathetic 1/5 to 5/5

okay its late, gotta get my beauty sleep before my panda eyes start to look like corpse bride’s dark bony sockets.


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