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i had a missed call from ronald,
so i called him back.

ronald: hallo?
me: hello, you called me right?

ronald: ya ya, eh michelle this is ronald. i ask you ah, is there such thing as a meemehmew?
me: what??

ronald: meemehmew. m-e-e, m-e-h, m-e-w.
me: huh?

ronald: is like something that singaporeans usually say? is it a place in clementi or something?
me: uh no, i dont know

ronald: okay. can you think of a word that end with j?
me: (wtf) no

i really should’ve known better than to call back. the next time i get missed calls from ronald, im going to let him call me back instead. and wth is meemehmew? not unless its a new coolio singaporean slang that makes the person saying it sound like a cat, i dont think it exists.

well but i suppose that phonecall kinda did make my saturday a little bit more interesting


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