annoyers on the mrt

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public transport is inevitable when you are 18 and dont own a ferrari, and neither does your teenage boyfriend, unless you have a sugar daddy.

un/fortunately i dont, and the awful thing about public transport, mrt in particular, is that you have to endure annoying idiots for a minimum of 3 minutes- trust me, being annoyed for 3 minutes is really intolerable for someone with zilch patience like me.

1. pole wedgers
people who, on a crowded train, wedge their norbit-like buttocks against the pole and prevent anyone else from holding on for balance.

2. pimply teenagers blasting ‘smack that’ on their phones
i get it that its a nice song. but really, hearing it continuously for 10 mins just destroys the song, and everyone else’s eardrums.

3. cheekopeks

4. cheekopeks who sit next to you

5. pdaing couples
unless both of you are as hot as angelina jolie & brad pitt, i really dont want to ruin my eyes watching you two make out. alight, and get a room dammit.

6. people who bulldoze their way in w/o letting others get out of the train
relax la, basket.
trains come every 5 minutes, you can always just take the next one. but you cant possibly miss a stop right?

7. people with B.O. or bad breath
must i elaborate?

8. parents who roll baby strollers over your feet and being completely nochalant about it
i’d like to see how they’d feel if i’d brought my trolley bag and rolled it over their feet a couple of times.

9. people wearing the exact same top as you

10. camwhores trying to take the reflection of themselves in the train window


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