uno dramatic day

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sports day was absolutely boring, because i was alone for most of it )): everyone else had gone off for syf practice or competitions. and i felt the bitter taste of loneliness for 3 hours. boo hoo so pathetic hahaha. im mightily glad its over.

well today had its own fair share of drama. more than i could ever experience in a single day, even though im not directly involved in it. i just hope it all goes away soon.

moving on to happier events, renard suggested that we should bring card/board games to play during our awfully long breaks. so i went home to dig around in the dusty balcony. and i managed to retrieve an assortment of games like:

Guess Who? -with a ‘Tom’ flipper missing

Pick up Stix

Harry Potter chess set -haha no the chess pieces dont move around on their own and stab each other like they do in the movie

Dominoes – i remember getting so frustrated because the stupid tiles kept tipping over. so i chucked them in the remotest corner of the balcony.

Pokemon cardsi seriously considered bring this to school

WWE cards -wtf really not mine

– multiplication and divison flash cards – lol trust me, i didnt need them as a kid (:

– magnetic travelling chess, checkers and chinese chess sets that i never touched in my entire life


and UNO it was, that we played during the 1 hr 20 min break today. bloody hell ive never had that much fun during breaks before. everyone was just going nuts laughing at joel drawing 22 cards at a single go (draw 2 x 8 + draw 4 x 2)

we played at least 6 games, with almost everyone winning except joel hahahaha. he was practically screeching like the wicked witch from the west every time he had to add another card to his pile. haha i think he had enough cards to organise them into 4 separate colours to put into his shirt and pants pocket.

dammit wait till i find my uno stacko set.


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