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watching miss singapore universe is painful. painful because there are simply so many different ways that the girls can screw up. and its even more painful to watch them do it.

in the swim suit section, some of them walked like their cellulite-less butts weighed 100 kg, and there were others who tried too hard to create the illusion of an asseted front, only to look 5 months pregnant.

there was one contestant with a seriously fake-looking nose, one that was way too sharp for her asian features. it was so sharp that it couldve burst a balloon. and another girl had strange dimples that looked like there had been two chunks of muscle tissue dug out from underneath her cheekbones.

its worse during the q&a sessions. some pretty girls should never be made to open their mouth. luckily none of them quipped ‘racial harmony day’ as their favourite festival. haha however, one tried to get smart by quoting the social studies textbook and throwing in cheem phrases like ‘social discord’ and ‘civic responsibility’. haha another talked about trees absorbing CO2. both of them didnt make it to the finals though.

this proves that beauty > mugging
bummer for me then hahaha

still, its pretty darn painful to watch them because they are mostly, if not all, prettier than you.


and you finally realise the sad truth- that no matter how many rounds you run and how many days you starve to get albabod, an ugly face is an ugly face, a flat chest is a flat chest, and short stubby legs are short stubby legs.


nonetheless i really thought jessica tan was super uber pretty. and my guesses never fail me, because she won the pageant haha. at least this year, a D cup didnt take priority over a pretty face + hot bod.


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