sacrificial sprain

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the moment mark ng said that we were going down to the netball courts for PE, my heart sank. because i really suck at netball.

i mean i used to get chosen to play in primary school all the time la, because well, i was taller than most other girls before their growth spurt. but since i couldnt shoot to save my life, they had me try all the damn defence positions. first it was goal defence GD, and then i somehow didnt block the goals properly. so they tried me for wing defence WD, which is a useless position, haha so i pretty much excelled at being good at it- simply by just running around and irritating the opposition wing attack WA.

but then dunno how come running halfway the WA will disappear. well i sucked so badly that i got taken out and put into the reserve team in the interclass netball tournament. haha what a bitter childhood.

nonetheless, i still got a gold trophy, which is rusting in my bedroom, for winning interclass netball in p6. and all i ever played was like 10 mins of the only match we lost, before i got subbed out.

omg so you can imagine the horrible memories all coming back to me the moment i saw the stupid WD bib. luckily someone else wanted it, and i was left with centre C for the first half of the game.

wah lao siah la, being C is no joke. running after zhong like mad and never once getting the ball away from him is terribly exhausting. so kenny swapped with me after 10 mins of play. well i feared being goal attack GA would be much worse. but i just tried my luck at shooting. and somehow, for the first time in my damn life,
i scored goalS!

okay la dont bhb.
but really, i must tell you, i put in 5! (:

but for good luck at shooting, comes bad luck at staying away from accidents.

well firstly, i somehow backed up into shaun and caused his glasses to scratch his nose. and his nose was bleeding quite abit. so im really really sorry about that!

secondly, i cant quite remember what happened, but i twisted and sprained my ankle, again. its been twice in the month- first time because i tripped over some stairs while messaging. anyway its swollen pretty badly, and hurts a helluva lot. well but i think this had something to do with my ultimately mean-ness when i smirked at someone getting injured within 3 mins of the first game. and i told myself at that point in time, to shut it, because karma always finds its way back.

and so it did. hahaha

now im off to ice my ankle and sleep with my leg elevated, because according to mighty-tin (who’s iced a fair share of ankles in his time) it’s supposed to heal faster.


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