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aw gawdd i feel tremendously overweight from 4 scoops of ice cream at island creamery. tml’s basketball better be vigorous enough for me to shed the extra weight gained.

omg plus i just ate miao’s whole bag of supernice seaweed chips, which were actually meant for me to have seaweed stained teeth and ruined glamness. hahaha but of course, hardly any of the seaweed flakes got stuck on my teeth for long. so his plan failed rather miserably.

anyway, speaking of losing weight. the class had a brilliant idea to sign up for the 30 hour famine camp in june.

oh my god
30 hours!

okay la i agreed to go if the entire class went. but still, let me complain a little bit about my dumb decision to starve my poor malnourished (ha ha) body for 30 hours just for 30 hours of CIP. wah lao if there is stiff competition to get into the NUS pharmaceutical course, they had better recognise my 30 hours of starving effort.

anyway i dont care. im going to find a way to smuggle in milo bars and what not. if they search my bag, i’ll tell them that im diabetic and tend to suffer from hypoglycaemia (ya give them some cheem bio term then they’ll back off) after insulin shots. therefore i need sugary foods on standby otherwise i’ll shrivel up and die.

ya ya but the entire point of a famine camp is to put yourself in the shoes of a under-nourished african kid (awaiting a hollywood adoption), and experience the immense hunger and suffering that they go through.

so for the good of humankind, i suppose ill have to forgo 30 hours of civilisation and FOOOD to accumulate 30 hours worth of karma and CIP hours.

this had better be worth it.


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