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econs lecture was all too weird yesterday. cassy had a strange urge to suck on her mickey mouse lollipop in the middle of the 1 hour lecture. luckily for her, the lecturer seemed more interested in unemployment than the girl in the corner sucking away at a bright yellow mickey.

but she wasnt so lucky in miss too’s GP lesson. by then. mickey had been sucked on till it looked like fricking shrek.

and GP package is a real bitch to read. the test is an even bigger bitch to take. i spent the entire 35 minutes, which seemed more like 5 minutes, being a kanchiong kutu and searching the entire package for insignificant phrases that ive unfortunately missed out in my attempts to highlight important points in package.

plus we just did 4 x 200m half-sprints for PE the period before. and i can tell you, sweaty, wobbly hands does not help when you are trying to figure out what aristole said about contributing to civic society.

i was truly hoping they would ask for the sexy-sounding french quotation on page 44, and any random phrase from the black page (pg 48)- just so i can hear the dismayed cries from a particularly chio friend of renard’s at the thought of not being able to get 51/50.

much to my disappointment,
it didnt happened.

i did, however, hear her lamenting later in the toilet, about how her pen had been confiscated while trying to finish up the last few blanks in her test paper when the time was up. aww poor dear.

anyway i dont know what possessed me to think that i might have a chance to get selected for the work attachment programme. so i just took the form and decided to try my luck for the attachment prog at the respiratory medicines dept in tan tock seng. there are only 5 spots, and i dont expect that my pathetic promos results will be able to get me anywhere near the respiratory patients unless i were one of them.

but just maybe, just maybe all the sconers and sboners and sa1ers decided to sign up for work attachment in jurong bird park for some strange reason. then i’d be able to write in bold, ‘work attachment programme’ on my testimonial. i bet that will overwrite the ugly C on my results slip for chinese any time.

cassy you are a very persuasive person.

maybe tml i may suddenly decide that height (or the lack of) doesnt matter, and agree to sign up to clean horse faeces (since im not tall enough to guide the kid horseriders) for CIP.


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