snooze rules

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no shit. this morning’s extended chapel was downright boring. i nodded off the moment my butt touched the chair in LT1.

luckily i didnt need to pee, which was surprising, considering how my bladder is unusually small. luckily i wasnt starving either, because i had kickass homecooked breakfast of egg & sausages wrapped elaborately in aluminium foil (folded neatly at their ends) and even had a tissue packet attached. -even better than macdonalds. needless to say, they tasted good too! (i mean the eggs & sausages and not the tissue packet) so thank You!

anyway, back to the unholy subject of sleeping in chapel, just about 4/5 of the class was sleeping. and from the back, it seems quite blatant that we all arent nodding every 5 seconds in approval of the preacher’s entire half hour speech.

but strangely, only selective and if not, the least blatantly sleeping people, get told off for sleeping. i mean, cassy hardly even nods, compared to kenny, who does vigorous nodding exercises every chapel session and chem lecture. and what makes you think that melinda isnt trying to hear voices of angels by leaning her head on her jacket?

and in front, renard has his entire head lolling around on the backrest of the LT chair. and miss yeo doesnt consider that blatant sleeping.

so how do you not get caught for blatant sleeping?

1. look handsome when you nod off
-but this is quite subjective to the teacher’s tastes. eh renard, i dont think miss yeo has that good taste.

2. score 6As and earn yourself the excuse to nod off because you were busy mugging last night

3. clasp your hands together when you sleep. when someone pokes you awake, simply mutter ‘amen’ and make the sign of the cross.


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