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ill tell you whats awesome

its the fact that bloody term exams are over for real and i dont need to mug like a sad little bugger for the next 2 days. pathetic, but still, enough (:

im quite sick of cramming till 11pm for the past few days, and then getting crazy nightmares, often involving phenols and the krebs cycle.

well for one, the night before, i dreamt that i leaked some major school secret, perhaps it had something to do with the 4 million CPA deficit that came about because some HOD siphoned it off for a year’s supply of botox injections.

eh im joking

anyway, yes i happened to tell someone about it, who told someone else, and now the school is in trouble for fraud. and kelvyna chan sent people from the secret service (perhaps also where the $4 million is going to) to bomb my house and kill my family.

shit la damn scary, i think i was negotiating something with them to escape being blasted into pieces of flesh. well i dont know what happened in the end, somehow, i woke up trying very hard to recall the products of Krebs cycle.

and last night i had a chemistry dream about relative acidity. i hope thats enough to get me an A for the chem paper today, though im still rather bummed that i couldnt figure out what compound (M) was.

also, i screwed maths up 2 days ago, which im majorly bummed about. miss yeo is going to come after me once she finds out i didnt manage to get 51/50. and so is my chem teacher, because she never fails to remind us every chem lesson that we are 7 and 8 pointers, thus, we are all expected to get nothing less than 4As for A levels.

but i shall not be bothered by this until next week.
for now, ill be off to enjoy my new found freedom!
aweeesomeeee (:


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