tuk tuk!

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i feel quite accomplished today, because i managed to study for the longest time without running off to watch prison break. and the only way i could do that was not to study at home. though i must say, its still awful trying to study while down with the bitch flu.

nonetheless the school cafe provided a pretty conducive environment to mug in, except for the annoying order bell, the cafe auntie’s disturbing tokyo drift ring tone, and sly’s special 5 mins appearance- smirking with glee at all the mugging j2s, while he enjoys all the time in the world to parade shirtless in the void deck.

but look what karma has done to me now, so ill be sure to cut much of the bitching short from now on haha.

we spent 6 hours mugging (85% of it at least), feeding on awesome thailand dunkin donuts in between. yum yum yum!

and Nowww i am free to enjoy the rest of the night chionging prison break. haha 11 more episodes to go before i can take part in prison break 2 conversations! i feel a little cooler already.


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here’s one tuk tuk i will never get to ride in no matter how many years i starve myself for.
so much for building self esteem lol


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