karma flu

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after laughing at all the unlucky people who were down with the flu in the past 2 weeks, karma has finally found its way to me.

actually come to think of it, i cant imagine how i couldnt have gotten the flu bug. my entire family was down with the flu, and just about half the people i hang out with in school have sore throats as well. yet, i miraculously didnt get sick.

and i seriously considered that i might actually have a superhuman immune system that i didnt know about until now.

well luckily i didnt try exposing myself to the AIDS virus to check

anw it sure sucks to have a sore throat while you are trying to memorise the nervous system aloud. though my voice doesnt sound as sexy as melinda’s yet.

blah bummer number 2 is that i cant seem to get charissa’s burnt copy of prison break season 1 to play anywhere. so ive resorted to watching incomplete episodes off dailymotionepisodes.com, that take few hours to load.

so im making a desperate plea (because ive watched 4 episodes and im officially hooked), that if anyone has the entire prison break season 1, please please be so very kind to lend it to me. i will be eternally grateful. plus, you shouldnt miss out on the opportunity to stock up on good karma.


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