1000 mcqs

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so today marks the start of the mundane-mugging holidays.

lets see, i studied respiration in the morning, taking extra long to recall all the rubbish cycles and how much ATP is synthesized where.

fell asleep at the table halfway,

woke up and went to cut my hair. stupid hell, i spent a total of 2 hours to have my hair cut. most of the time, it was just waiting in between for the hairdressers to finish kissing the white asses of the angmoh customers and their adorable angmoh children. bloody, i couldve finished 3 chapters of chem in 2 hours.

i did, however, finish reading 5 magazines cover to cover in 2 hours. bloody wasting my time. next time im going there wearing a blonde wig, coloured lenses, an artificial fit-on nose with a bridge, and a cute white kid (koped) from uwc.

then ill see if they make me wait for 2 hours.

anyway i went back for more mugging, before going for dinner. and after which i blew about $50 at popular on:

1000 biology mcq with HELPS (hahaha english suxxors)
1000 chemistry mcq with HELPS
101 econs essay (after seeing how vivian reads one of these like a bible, and scores gosu 23/25 for econs)

so yes, im all set for a week of pure solid mugging.
100 mcqs a day, and the As will come your way!


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