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hahaha i really cant quite imagine how anyone can break his shin during orientation 2, especially since the games in orientation 2 are typically peaceful and un-muddy. so i mean, there can only be 3 ways he couldve been involved in such a tragic accident:

1. see chio girl, trip over the bleacher step while practising mass dance, break shin
2. see chio girl zao geng, trip over the bleacher step while practising mass dance, break shin
3. see rv boy zao geng, go temporarily blind, trip over nothing, break shin

well anw it was a whole ambulance drama during the break, but i didnt get to see who the j1 was. okay i really should shut up now before karma finds its way to my head in the form of a flying frisbee tml.

lol and i finally settled my little deal with miao, after he pang-sehed me the previous year. anw it was a completely noobly-planned dinner that turned out quite well. apart from the fact that i couldnt pronouce 4/5 the names of dishes in the italian menu, including the name of the restaurant itself (its da paolo, or was it de paolo. dont think it sounds easy to pronouce- it probably sounds pretty damn obscene when you try saying it out aloud), the food was really worth it.

the pizza was awesome and the tiramisu was a little little bit better than melinda’s. haha i think joel wouldve liked it cos there was more alcohol in this one.

but anw its also located at quite an ulu place off holland v. and probably alot of AC pda-ing couples would wanna use it to their advantage, so i wont reveal where it is exactly.

on a sadder note, tml is the last day of school, and the start to terms-marathon-mugging. ive finally gotten hold of prison break season 1 because im quite sian of feeling left out when every-bloody-one talks about how exciting it is. so after i finish watching during the holidays, im going to be able to participate more actively in joel, kenny and melinda’s prison break conversations. woopee!

bleh at the rate im going,
i could very well screw up terms.


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