a prettier cny

happy cny yall !

haha amagadd i love cny because its the season to get rich! too bad if you dont get to keep the cash in your ang paos. well but actually i dont get to keep all of it, most of it goes into my bank account, where its supposed to build up on measly 0.0001% per annum interest, and will be used to pay for my university fees.

still, ive managed to collect a whooping $490 today. its a little less than last year though, but good enough! $490 is really quite alot of money. you can buy like
– 40 tubs of ben and jerrys
– an ipod video
– lots of clothes
– 6 and a half tickets to fall out boy’s concert: but my mum would blast me for wasting $75 on it ):
– 3/4 of a motokrazr: maybe ill ask them to take away the buttons haha
– 81 boxes of pineapple tarts and kueh bangkits ((((:
– 490 dates with melinda: $1 for every date to buy her 3 mexican half cut wings
– or filling out 2 walkathon donation cards all by myself

but i almost forgot, im going to put $300 in the bank. ah well but you could say im $300 closer to settling my university school fees.

anw cny is always a routine. i spend the night before googling 4 letter prosperous chinese sayings to impress my mum the next morning, pwn my brother (who has to resort to reading off my list because he can only think of ‘xing nian kuai le’ and ‘gong xi fa cai’), and get my ang pao (: but its all quite worth it once you peek into the red packet and see the saxy blue note.

i tell you, my aunties can really act damn well. they probably have a script to rehearse every night before cny visiting. its damn standard. they see my brother and promptly explode into a dramatic shriek, ‘aiyoooooo justinnnn!! soooo talllll!!! soooo skinnyyyy!!!’

and then they’ll look at me for a long time and settle with, ‘this year you sec 4 right?’ because you can never go wrong with guessing sec 4, at most plus minus 1 or 2 years.

either that or they’ll whine, ‘woah this michelle also very tallll ahhh (everyone averages 155cm there), better not grow taller leh, wait cannot find boyfriend huhh.’

well while my uncle was handing out ang paos, he told my brother to grow taller and stronger. and when it came to my turn, he said may you be prettier by the next cny’, and burst out into a hearty chuckle.

wth does that mean huh.

k la since i got so much money and ate so much glorious pineapple tarts today, im going to assume that the comment was meant as a compliment.
i.e pretty to prettier, not ugly to prettier

ah but i had good fun being a little less antisocial this year. my little cousin brought his spongebob-themed monopoly gameset. haha the houses are pineapples and the hotels are krusty krab restaurants, so cute! i was patrick star for the day, and i got pwned by my 10 year old cousin. she owned just about every damn property on the board. even the 8 year old, who had fewer property than me, collected more rent than i did. my brother needless to say, found some way to cheat and ended up pwning my butt as usual.

so yes thats about it.

and since i wont be visiting anymore for the next 2 days, ill be spending my time studying and watching heroes, which is a kickass-awesome-you-should-watch show) on peekvid. how very exciting, i cant wait.


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