flower power

haha i cant believe im saying this, but this year has got to be the bestest valentines day ive ever had in my life.

and the 10 absolutely nicest moments of today are:

1. the fantastic atmosphere
no one was in any mood to leave the happening void deck and go for class. stupid horny dedications were being read out over the PA system, kickass good music was blasting away, there were flowers cookies and brownies everywhere- i think the canteen stalls made very little money today, since everyone else had all their little tidbits.

oh but usually valentines day clashes with total defence day, so while they give us rationed biscuits and neWater, we’re all snacking away at our brownies, etc.

but shit, i think they got smarter this year. anw, im going to bring a tupperware’s worth of valentines tidbits to school tml, in case they shut the canteen down to create a pseudo war situation.

2. melinda’s high alcoholic content tiramisu
woah, one day im going to kidnap melinda and force her to make tiramisu for me every day. ah i think everyone got a little high on the alcohol between the layers of tiramisu, especially joel, who insisted that the tiramisu would taste better with more alcohol.

um its called tiramisu for a reason, joel,
not vodkamisu.

3. cassy’s super-yummy cookies
that were disintegrating 5 minutes after she gave them to me, and the cookie was covered with not-so-clingy clingwrap. hahaha i wont even talk about the green icing.
but they tasted damn good!

4. sharon’s geberra!

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and her making me wear a pink heart on the back of my shirt.

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luckily she only manage to stick it on me towards the end of the day. i wore it to chinese, where it fell off, so i hid it safely in my paper back for the rest of the day. hahaha.

5. frankie kenny’s prankie
midway through bio prac, kenny said he needed to go to the toilet. 10 minutes passed and shaun had a call from kenny, telling him that he was stuck in the toilet door. it was all so believable, considering kenny’s weird antics. he couldve very well tried to squeeze under the toilet door if he couldnt unlock it, and end up getting stuck because his head is well, rather big.

and so shaun and jerrold went to the rescue. they didnt return for quite some time, and just when we were laughing about how kenny’s head is now stuck between the door, kenny returned, holding a huge box of roses. he was super pleased with himself, seeing everyone else’s shocked faces. and then he went around giving out roses and wishing everyone a happy valentines day.

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we found out later that the roses came from all the guys in the class. so that shut us up immediately, because before that we were complaining about how stingy and ungentlemanly the guys in our class are. and how giving them cookies, brownies and high-alcoholic-content tiramisu were a big waste of effort.

eh but i gotta give them the respect now la huh.
zhong, jerrold, joel, shaun, kenny, renard:

6. jerrold’s smoothness
while kenny was going around giving out roses to everyone, he intentionally ignored vivian. and while everyone was laughing at the whole situation, jerrold popped into the classroom, sneaked behind vivian, and slipped the rose into her bag.

shit we laughed nonstop for at least 10 minutes after that.
so sweeeet awwwww

7. shaun’s pricey surprise
weeks before, we heard all about shaun designing a bouquet for yijun, one that was going to cost him 70 plus dollars -which is omgwtfbbq-expensive for something thats going to die anyway. well and while jerrold was done with his smooth deed, shaun entered the classroom, in his hand the beautiful specially-designed bouquet of a dozen roses, and passed it to yijun.

she couldve had an asthma attack there and then.
but omg damn sweeeeett haha

8. oliver’s gosu folded flower
haha he is one hell of a handy man.

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9. weijoe’s 30
okay i have to proclaim this guy the sweetest ever, oh but second to shaun (dont mind huh melinda). he took melinda to the library and told her 30 reasons why he loves her. i dont know if i’m supposed to be saying this here, but i thought it was a superb gesture. and he gets top marks for orginality (:

10. the sunflower shock of my life
and yes the very very surprising sunflower bouquet. i nearly jumped out of my skin when i saw it. hahaha

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lim chee hong was having a blast at maths lecture terrorising people with their valentines day gifts. when he walked over, i knew cassy and i were done for. true enough, he demanded to see our flowers because he needed to decide what to buy for his wife. he raised both of them into the air one after another, making sure that the whole bloody LT got a good look at it. and then when he returned cassy her flowers, he commented that it looked dead.

i think oliver’s going to be pouring water on someone soon lol.

and if the sunflower wasnt surprising enough, beneath the bouquet was 2 boxes of cookies and brownies. hahaha woah my eyeballs nearly popped out can. i think with that amount of food, i dont ever need to buy anything to eat for a month.

goodbye to albabod for real,

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the heart cookie was from charissa. haha its massive and looks damn good. i shall have it for breakfast tomorrow. oh but the rest of the cookies taste just as fantastic too!

if im not careful, im going to look like her in no time

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and during the break, i got a spastic smile balloon haha!

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while everyone else’s ballon was floating with helium. this one was loaded with carbon dioxide, but it provided much fun for kicking around afterwards. oh and it nearly flew out of the bus window on my way home omg.

hahaha thank you much-lots-most :DD

ah well i hope no one got food poisoning from eating my brownies yet. haha they were noob brownies made mostly by my mum and betty crocker. all i ever did was to cut open the premix bag, pour it into the electronic mixer, and grease the baking pan.

oh but i did help my mum decide how to cut the butter into thirds, since they said ‘add 2/3 cup of veg oil’. she cut 2/3 of it, and then took 1/3 and went to melt it. hahaha so i had to remind her that 2/3 is more than 1/2 and so she needs to melt 1/3 more of butter. terms better get A for maths man. haha

woah after talking so much about food, im hungry. i think ill check to see if my melted tolberone has re-froze back to its original shape. yummyyy

meanwhile, enjoy what’s left of today.
and overrated or not, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


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