glares and stares

emo emo emo.

i screwed up bio CT last week, getting a measly 15.5 upon 30, which is my lowest so far for bio. shit la its really pathetic. im determined to work 10 times harder the next time around, even though its going to be a bigger bitch to memorise the uses of insulin and the action of cyclic cAMP.

but of course, emo moments are only supposed to last for an hour maximum. so im going to forget all about borderline bio pass for now.

i swear la, the examination system is purposely bulking up all the tests this week so that they can spoil valentines day. but while im complaining, i cant deny that its going to be a good excuse to avoid telling everyone about your sad lonely feb 14th. already 3 other people (the wives) are going to be using the excuse of a date with their chem notes to excuse themselves from being sad and dateless on valentines day.

apart from overrated valentines day, i realised that im getting to be a bigger bitch as they day goes by. i hope its a once-a-month thing, but im seriously getting ticked off by so many annoying idiots around school. they are:

1. people who stare because either they
– read my blog during gp lesson
– have botoxed eyes,
and really cant help staring because they dont blink at all
– think theres something scandalous going on but really, there isnt
– really want to get their eyeballs dug up with a fork

2. j1s who get lost on the way to their base class and clog up the corridors and doorways. ‘shit la our class is at 7.3, but we’re on level 4. how how? die die!’

3. people stopping to hug each other in a narrow corridor and obstructing everyone else’s path. seriously, cant they just zip into an empty classroom nearby and hug all they want?

4. people who start saluting when i get company to the bus stop.

5. j1s who have the delusion that they they can magically squeeze through a gap half the size of their body, and end up knocking people and their bowls of soup over, but not bothering to help clean up.

6. teacher-student worshipping
woah this one really ticks me off.

during a particular subject’s tutorials, there’ll always be this exchange between a particular student (lets call her worshipper 1) and the teacher.

their little conversation pretty much excludes everyone else because its always a debate about why certain policies are good/not. sometimes they disagree, and the pissed-off teacher ends up picking on worshipper 1 for the rest of the lesson – good for all of us.

but during the times when they actually agree, they spend 10 full minutes worshipping the beauty of the subject- with the teacher singing praises about worshipper 1, and worshipper 1 singing praises about being so thankful for having taken the beautiful subject, and how its the best thing invented, next to good quality timberland shirts.

they make my hair curl..

and i thought last year was worse, where there was worshipper 2. but at least her worship sessions are much less annoying compared to this. they come in the form of little jerky nods, in approval of every bloody thing the teacher says. haha i always enjoy sitting behind her and counting the number of times her earnest head will be bobbing throughout the 1 hr 20 mins lesson. i lost count at 87 because i had to answer a question.

seriously you should try it (nodding i mean, not worshipping), its damn tiring omg. plus she doesnt just nod during that particular subject’s lessons. i see her nodding in bio lecture, chem lecture, maths lecture, and probably in all the other tutorial classes she attends.

oh my shit, thats equivalent to at least 1000 nods per day! i bet thats even more than the number of times a solar-powered plastic toy nods.

okay la that doesnt tick me off, its just damn amusing.

well so thats about all i have to bitch about today. i swear, im going to get it real bad one day, when all these people find out about the nasty things ive said. lol thats a sign for me to renew my insurance policy asap.


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