crossed country

hell, it was the school’s annual cross country today.

i didnt think i was going to run at all. in fact, i was planning to walk the whole damn 3.5 km. but cassy was preaching about how running has its advantages. and besides, it helps me get that much closer to albabod!

so i ran

and i never thought about stopping until i crossed the finish line. haha this is damn bhb but i have to blog about it, because im feeling super accomplished, considering how i always dread running for mass PE.

anyway i overtook a couple of people, including cassy and mel’s current best friend, lizard boy, slackers renard & kenny, and van helsing (shit i had to run damn long before i overtook her- i think her oversized assets somehow helps her run faster).

i think i ended up coming in first for my house. hahaha but i doubt i ran below 20 minutes to get 2 points for the house. anw i still earned the respect of everyone for about 5 seconds. that means the world to me ha ha.

aiyar but i really really respect all the crazy idiots who came in within top 80 for competitive running. melinda khong finished in 37th position. and considering how she always pwns me at running during mass pe, im damn glad i didnt join competitive. otherwise i wouldve finished with a 3 digit position.

oh and im bloody thankful i won both my bets with darryl shen and zhong. hahahaha they are going to have a very memorable valentines day i think.

on the other hand, matin, who is insanely fit enough to get 15th place, is still complaining about not having ran faster.

anyway its the last and first cross country that i actually ran at- last year i took an hour to stroll through the jungles of macritchie with sharon, melinda and a few others. but i might actually add that i had true good fun this year, accumulating and lactic acid having an adrenaline overdose, having accomplished running the longest distance in my entire life.

now i just need to get A for 2.4


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