famous star

the only regret i have from not joining council, and subsequently running for council president, is that i dont get to have my birthday celebrated by 50 over people (all of whom are really really sincere about wishing me happy birthday) in the void deck, and having a birthday annoucement made specially for me during assembly.


my birthday is not even on a school day la dammit. by the time school holidays are over, everyone would have conveniently forgotten to wish me happy birthday. or otherwise, they would be too busy recalling the kreb cycle for prelims to remember september 1st )));

im not bitter, whos being bitter huh?

well i thought maybe i could pretend to migrate, then return 2 months later and try to convince the school to let me repeat j1 again. then i’d totally run for council pres. ha ha ha ha ha

blah and so ive been told, half the class of SC3 has been here and read all about the nasty bitchy things i have to say, during their GP period in the com lab. i should be more cautious about my nicknames, apparently they are as decipherable as the answer to d/dx 1

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