lifestyles of the wag and the famous

is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the wind is extra chilly and hurricane-ish nowadays?

i thought it was pretty good at first, considering how the sun is also extra hot and annoying this week- especially when you need to sweat 5 rounds during mass pe.

but instead, the wind only makes the running worse. im not trying to say im bone-thin or whatever, but i swear, the wind makes it extra hard to run because of the resistance or whatever scientific shit reason. and im quite sure that it is one the reasons stopping me from improving my 5 rounds timing by another minute, the other being the fact that people clump up the inner lanes and slow everyone else down, and another reason being that im a noob runner and dont know how to cut lanes.

the wind is also bloody annoying because it threatens to pull a marilyn monroe on you, especially during your most vulnerable moments- like when you are carrying teh ping in one hand and a bowl of yong tau foo in the other. i was clinging on to my skirt for my dear dear life in the void deck the other day, for fear of blinding everyone within 10 metre radius, should there be an upskirt moment.

okay apart from the extra windy weather, nothing much has happened. unless you count cassy crying today because joel threw grape mentos into her beef noodles. while oliver stomped over to the rescue, with his half-filled water bottle tilted threatening above joel’s head. i suppose that would make today the scariest day of joel’s life. hahaha

oliver, the hero of the day, secured the heroic deed by doing another. at the end of mass pe, while everyone else was panting and feeling completely dehydrated. oliver was there to greet cassy with a bottle of tantalising ribena. lol i pronouce oliver the master of largeism.

well yes, the 74 ride home was pretty damn awkard, because of all the people saluting and cracking cryptic jokes. so i resumed to emo-mode with my ipod and pretending to be asleep, after which really falling asleep, and becoming completely invisible to the awkardness.

ah and im glad that tuesday is over.


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