panty flash

ive had just about enough of people unintentionally (or in some cases, intentionally) flashing me their underwear. it isnt called underwear for a reason. its meant to be kept out of sight.

same goes for the inner thigh. very simple- if its visible, its obsence. with the only exception of swim pe, because you have no choice. otherwise, no one really wants to see it.

and same goes for boxers. i dont care if they are spongebob or ultraman, they are not meant to be sticking out behind your pants and threatening to reveal your butt crack.

but i suppose its a little difficult to tell when you are actually zao-genging. so here’s 10 revealing signs to indicate that you might be showing everyone else a little more than what they need to see:

1. you realise that the people in the table opposite you are sniggering to themselves and looking in your direction, particularly, under your table.

2. you realise that people in the tables diagonally right and left are doing the same thing.

3. you hear people trying to guess the colour of something.

4. when you jump for the ball, everyone else stands back and gawks.

5. a huge crowd gathers underneath the ceremonial staircase while you are standing on it.

6. you see people cringing and cussing while you bend down to get your drink from the vending macine (especially if you are going commando while wearing loose rv shorts)

7. you mysteriously earn yourself the nickname “cyclops” – when you flash, everyone in close proximity goes blind.

8. the people sitting opposite you in class are rubbing their eyes furiously with dettol.

9. you come to school the next day to find half the cohort wearing eye patches, especially if you had worn moth-eaten granny panties the day before.

10. the choir conductor walks past and comments, “nice G!”, and you are quite sure that the compliment had nothing to do with your singing.


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