polo skillz worthy of an polo-ex

ah ive been aggroing the past few nights over the spoilt modem. and since im terribly un-tech-savvy, getting it to work finally was a pure miracle, only to have the connection disrupted after 5 minutes. well, its working now, and i hope it doesnt die on me again, or i’ll cry.

anyway, swim pe was awesome! pwning it is a big waste, unless you’re in intermediate and spend 4 weeks having to perfect freestyle (which i totally suck at).

we went straight into learning how to play polo today. it was just a couple of simple passes in a group of 9 or so. before we passed to a person, we had to shout his/her name. puzhac was in my group, and bloody hell thankfully i caught myself 1 second before i could shout ‘PUZHAC’ and toss the ball over.

we had a match after that, 10 vs 10. i dont remember the score, because i was too busy trying to keep afloat, but i think we might have won by 1 or 2 goals. and i am very very happy to say that i managed to contribute 1 goal to that score.

it was completely tyco, and the ball was 2 cm away from getting out of the net. but i guess it was counted and i got my 5 seconds of glory- for being the only girl to have scored in the match. ah but there were only 3 girls, and rachel was defending our goal on the other side with her life, so thats not really counted after all.

on the other hand, the guys were pwning our asses half the time. basket, once when i was struggling to get the ball (chlorine in your eyes is no joke) and aiming for goal, 2 bastards swam up and knocked the ball away from me. while i was swimming away i kicked one of them. i thought i felt lycra, so i hope that was a bullseye. lol

after swim pe, we encountered a bunch of retarded j1s. i should be adding this to the list of weird things they do. and that is, they are bloody table-kopers.

wtf la there were so many empty tables in the void deck WITHOUT bags left on them. couldnt they just pick another one? and they dumped all their bags on our table DESPITE charissa telling them that someone was sitting at the table.

when i came back, i dumped one of the bags on the next table and made space to sit. so when the noob j1s returned they had no choice but to eat in silence while we bitched about them.


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