make a move

we finally found the enthusiasm, and the guts to go and meet our junior class today. it was quite pathetic, since half the class didnt really want to be there (whats new?). so after a round of introductions and failed attempts to make friendly conversation, we all left.

the junior class looks even more pathetic than us. the only AC affiliated kid there was a girl from fairfield. no ACSi no ACSb no MGS nothing. well at least there was the scgs girl to make up for it, and 3 chijs! one from st nics, one from stc, and one from ijtp.

when i introduced myself and said the name of my school, the ijtp girl gave me this sly smile. so i felt obligated to return a, er, sly smile too. some ij connection there, i think, though i really really couldnt hear her when she said her name. so im not being superficial by referring to her as the ijtp girl with the sly smile. haha

nonetheless, the rest of the girls were way more enthusiastic and un-muggerish compared to us. and i kind of wish we had more of that now. then we’d actually get to play a proper game of ultimate frisbee, and not just 4 girls pwning 3 guys’ (girls) asses.

on the other hand, the junior boys look really really pathetic. no offence, but most of them were from cheena schools. let me give you a clue, their uniforms are either fully white with metal buttons and shorts, or fully white with metal buttons and pants.

and they looked like they’d rather be someplace else, and only missed 1 point to get in. say, NJC. i hope they piss off by the time PAE ends. i cant believe it, there are 87350913 muscle-packed j1s in the new batch this year, and none of them are in sc2. its not a paedophilic instinct, i’d just like to see muscle and brains for a change, you know.

well now its on us to decide whether we want to plan SJI (senior junior interaction), and i think its going to get postponed until A levels end for real :/

and during recess today, kenny bent a fork 90 degrees from the chicken rice stall today. well, i kind of suspected that having a unusually big head confers some sort of superhuman powers on the person. from now on, he can be known as frankenstein kenny, or frankie kenny for short.

so if you are in trouble, frankie kenny will rip his uniform apart, mutate into some horrible looking screw-headed and steriod-pumped frankenstein, and storm over to whack the bad guys away with a hockey stick.

watch out.


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