how to save a life

the next time i see someone drowning, im just going to stand there and not attempt anything heroic. because the odds are, id end up drowning myself trying to save the idiot.

we did a little of life saving for swim PE today, and all we needed to do was to grab on to a styrofoam board and swim side stroke across the breadth of the pool. that was easy enough. next, we had to drag someone on the styrofoam board. wtf that was bloody tiring. my legs were burning so badly after that. and considering that was only a breadth of a pool, i cant think of any reason why i wouldnt end up drowning if i were to try and save someone in the sea.

haha some guy suggested holding out a $5 note when asked how he would check whether the person was really drowning. but that’s quite cheapo la. i would stop drowning immediately if anyone held up at $500 note.

anyway, this week was extra queer because there were suddenly so many random people asking me if i know him. and all of them stubbornly refused to tell me who passed them the rumour. so im thinking its either one idiot doing it (she might have cute cleopatra hair and absolutely fabulous legs), or the same idiot telling people to pass it around and threatening to whack their faces with her cleopatra hair if they reveal the source of the rumour.

im definitely carrying a fork in my pocket to school from now on.


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