i finally decided to drag myself down for squash training today. and to my surprise (mostly unpleasant), the usually quite relaxed coach got sadistic over the holidays. and he wanted us to run 2.4km while the guys were using the courts, before we bargained with him to cut it to 1.6km.

so 1.6km it was. and a very terrible 4 rounds in the scorching heat. dont even rejoice at the idea of getting a tan. i rather run in the rain anytime. but once it was done, i felt very very accomplished (considering the inactivity over the past 4 months). haha well that was until i saw the hockey guys almost sprinting 9874918 rounds, with poor kenny lagging far behind.

well then we went back to hit more balls, noob ones on my part, because ive lost my touch. and to my horror, i spotted someone quite misplaced playing in the courts. he was wearing maroon basketball gear, and probably shoes to match. then i realised it was annabelle.

boy am i so thankful that the guys and girls use the courts separately.

anw school has been pretty much the same everyday. and this week was most uneventful except for the fact that 2 days ago, some weirdo popped out from behind on my way home, and asked if he could ‘know’ me. i dont know what kind of a pickup line that is. but i declined and apologised, before walking off at twice my usual pace all the way home.

oh and that cassy made a pineapple with red sauce fly onto my uniform. she definitely made sure that i will remember her 10 years later, when i take out my old acjc uniform, and spot the yellow stain that refuses to come off despite using vanish power O2.


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