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but friday also means that i have 48 hours to coop myself up in a closet to catch up on homework and start mugging for tests. yucks.

nonetheless, the first (half) week of school has been absolutely hardcore. i dont think i need to explain why. its evn worse when you can hear carefree screams of J1s from a 1 hour econs class. oh i wish i were one of them.

actually that wouldnt be too difficult. because the other day, while i was checking out the list of J1 names, i realised that michelle law from ijtp also came over. haha so if im desperate enough i can dig up my old ij uniform, kidnap her for 4 days, and take her place at orientation. i dont even need polyjuice potion.

lol even ernest came dressed in his old barker uniform to crash orientation. omg, even she came to extra-around today, and gave me a really nasty shock.

thankfully for us, now most of our breaks now dont clash with the J1s. except on some days, when we come down and find that the void deck is pwned by smelly and muddy J1s, who leave muddy butt prints on the benches afterwards. i dont even remember being that disgusting when i had mud on my fbts.

the new batch of J1s also seem to have a huge influx of (probably DSAed) buff ACS guys. seriously, i thought jonan was extreme until i met them. im quite sure these guys drink protein shakes 3 times a day and carry 10 kg dumbbells 24/7. well with that much muscle, i sure hope we’d be able to reach rugby and polo finals this year.

of course, there are bound to have a couple of noob J1s. yesterday, i saw this guy walking around with his og mates, who were still in t-shirt and shorts, while he was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a sleeveless shirt, almost exposing his belly button. it was just too queer a sight.

and watching the ogls leading their ogs in the dance was quite hilarious, especially nightcrawler. haha ive never seen more emotion in him than now. woah the way he makes all the effort in the world to cheer at mass rally, and the cool dancing mooves, lol i dont think i need to question why he got selected for ogl anymore.

ah yes, i kinda miss orientation bigmuch.


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