hello 2007!

before you know it, 2006 has come and gone in a flash.

it seemed like just yesterday when i was lying up in bed until 2am, all excited to go to school. well unfortunately, the feeling has faded away gradually on subsequent nights, especially during the promos period.

its weird because 2006 has definitely been different from all the other years, so different that often, i catch myself writing the date as 2005, or worse still, 2007. only the other day, i took about 5 minutes to figure out that 09 2006 meant that my contact lens solution had expired.

2006 meant new school, new friends, new experiences. and though not all of them were great, they were memorable, as cliche as it bloody sounds.

but 2006 is over ): and therefore,
id like to sum it up in the following:

7 things i like about 2006

1. mexican half cut wings (from the canteen)

2. scaring a whole bunch of people, including the apparently manly-man zhong, with a rubber lizard. haha sorry, but the memory is etched in my mind forever.

3. orientation! yes, even the damn dancing.

4. my mum winning an ipod nano

5. m&m brownies

6. recess with cassie and mel!

7. surprises! like the one when i close my eyes and the next minute when i open them, everyone gets attached, faster than the time taken to cook maggi mee.

7 things i hate about 2006

1. waking up at 530 am everyday, and stoning on 74 for 45 minutes, or maybe less than that, depending on whether nightcrawler pops up.

2. project work, omgwtfbbq

3. losing my phone

4. no luck with badview, goodview, or any view, for that matter

5. mass PE

6. getting my email hacked into

7. NAPHA, specifically IPU and standing broad jump.

okay, i totally understand the importance of arm strength- carry shopping bags while walking the whole of orchard during the GSS.

but surely you dont need to jump a whooping 170cm (which surpasses my height) to save your life? jumping 170 or 180cm with two legs wont even save you if theres a grenade planted right beside you.

7 resolutions for 2007

1. stop cracking my knuckles (from last year)

2. maintain a straight posture (from last year)

3. lose 1 kg -anno! mel, here we go!

4. AAAB, chin A + gp B

5. be frugal!!

6. silver for napha

7. be the best daughter, sister and friend

7 things i learnt from 2006

1. frisbee is as addictive as heroin

2. i can play frisbee as well as i can pee standing

3. CSI is fun to watch!
but not fun to watch when you’re eating

4. the art of camwhoring:
– make sure your arms dont show at the bottom of the picture.
– pout seductively or puff up your cheeks in as many of the pictures as you want, just dont upload them on friendster.
– put lots of make up, but only for the purpose of narcissistic camera action in the secrecy of your room.

5. tilting your head at a 45 degree angle as you strut around automatically makes you cool

6. the other meaning of the abbreviation FBI

7. never stand in a goalpost if you’re not the goal keeper, or if ronald is the goal keeper- well unless you need a reason to get your mum to pay for your nose job.

7 things i dont get from 2006

1. why school couldnt be 10 minutes away from my house, like RJ is

2. why i cant seem to organise successful class gatherings

3. how my brother is off at his friend’s house for a NY party and im stuck home with unfinished integration homework.

4. why miss yeo thinks that 70% of As for maths is unsatisfactory

5. why anyone would want to hack into my email account

6. why sly likes to walk around half nekkid in school

7. how you can get this lucky looking like a luohan

7 things 2007 could deliver

1. AAAB + A + B at A levels

2. a chance of bumping into Rain at orchard road when he comes to Singapore in January

3. harry potter V movie and harry potter VII book!

4. a higher IQ and the gift of a superhuman power to Ace exams without studying

5. mum winning an ipod video/motokrazr

6. lots of $$ at chinese new year!

7. a kickass 18th birthday

7 things 2007 could do without

1. annabelles and nightcrawlers

2. wardrobe malfunction at swim PE

3. hitting frightening-50 on the scales

4. detention and demerit points

5. emo days. nonetheless, i still have the emo playlist on my ipod should i need it

6. being sent to support the school in chess finals, while the other classes are cheering at waterpolo matches.

7. chem teachers with mood swings and tight shirts, and maths teachers wearing dresses that look distinctly like graph paper


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