who is like god

hahahahaha! cassy tells me that she’s searched my name on babynames.com. but i tell you first, if you can afford to pay about 5 bucks a month to own a unique url like babynames.com, you must be quite credible to start with. and therefore i trust it with all my heart.

anyway Michelle very simply means ‘who is like God.’

they put ‘who is like God?’ but i think the question mark is a typo because it wouldnt make sense otherwise. hahaha but it had me lol-ing for a good 5 minutes when i read it.

ah to be sure, in case babynames.com is just as reliable as muckysock.com, i googled ‘meaning of names’, clicked on the first link. and got the same result:
From the Hebrew name Mika’el which meant “who is like God?”

the question mark puzzles me. so am i like god or not? haha, but lets just assume it means that im like God, full stop.

wow but if i were God, i’d make my next-door-neighbour Paul Walker, my classmate Edison Chen, my downstairs neighbour Rain, and my brother a lump of lard. lol i was joking, except for the last bit.

if i were God, no one would ever have to take exams, or study, or think, unless they were playing msn minesweeper.

if i were God, mango sales would happen everyday. and the whole of orchard would be sheltered so that i dont have to be paranoid and bring and umbrella out all the time, and share it with lazy people who dont bring umbrellas when it really does rain cats and dogs.

if i were God, everyone would be able to eat all the cookies and brownies in the world and still look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. yummyy!

if i were God, elves would exist. haha imagine having subtitles lingering on your waist everytime an elf tried speaking elvish to someone else who didnt understand. or imagine all the elves queuing up outside the school barber because their hair was too long. ahaha oh no, im watching too much lotr.

well finally, if i were God, the race of men would be extinct.

so i guess its a good thing im only like God, so you should call me God-like then, not God.


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