hairs end

going for a hair cut is always very terrifying,
second to visiting a dentist.

but for the first time today, the hair stylist understood exactly what i meant from my vague directions, unlike in previous occasions. because my mandarin really sux, so the stylists end up interpreting something else from my banana-chinese description. so lucky for me this time, no screwed haircut and looking like a moron on the first day of school.

nonetheless, my brother gave his usual opinion- sometimes its mushroom, today it was nutshell. how can you possibly have a nutshell haircut, i dont know. but i dont think he has a clue of what a nutshell really is, anyway. or maybe he meant bombshell huh, HA HA.

so apart from a new haircut, i managed to persuade my mum to get me a pair of jeans- the magic phrase i used was ‘its an xmas present’ haha. luckily again, i got it at mango sale, so its quite worth it.

and while walking at vivocity basement 1, my c&ks slipper gave way. so i had to hobble from basement one, one footing dragging along behind trying not to lose my slipper in the crowd, all they way to U.R.S on level 2. i got so exasperated to the point of wanting to walk barefooted. but i made it to level 2 and got a new pair of heels (: this time i didnt need to drop in the magic phrase to get them. oh the beauty of the unexpected.

the misfortune of breaking heels has happened twice before. and it was only once that i ended up stranded in a place where there was no c&ks or U.R.S nearby. that was on my way to ACJC open house. and i decided that if my luck improved and my shoe would somehow get fixed, i would go to ACJC. and opp buona vista MRT, i managed to buy superglue. so that makes 1/5 of my decision to choose AC.

lol bollocks, i know.

anyway, its 3 days to christmas and i havent received a single xmas card. ouch!


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