one down from lift list

so much for writing a life list and putting down on that i wanted to go for a real new years eve countdown party.

today i found out that my mum won 4 tickets to the countdown party at vivocity. haha only now, im not sure if im going. standing around for 6 hours along with 200 other sweaty stinky people doesnt seem like quite a good idea. lol and apparently people are selling these tickets online for $180. omg if i sold them for $100, i’d definitely get sellers and make a hell lot of money.

and that money would really come in handy this christmas season. speaking of which, my brother got himself the good progress award and $150. yes, im definitely feeling pangs of jealousy :/

well anw i watched eragon with weixin today. and if not for the handsome ed speelers, i would have fallen asleep halfway through. woah ed speelers pwnz daniel radcliffe big time (sorry, gen) to be one hot british boy. his shirtless scene pwnz harry potter’s bathtub scene big time also. and i bet they had to censor kissings scenes in eragon, otherwise the one in next year’s order of the phoenix would be a total flop. ouch!

well but the movie isnt that bad generally, just abit frightening that eragon’s gf looks more like his aunt. and im serious, shes 32 and hes 17.

and i dont understand how weixin couldve cried while watching eragon. hahaha she cries while watching any movie. thats just like jessie, who i distinctly remember crying while watching the animated film, brother bear.

well i cant say much myself, i cried while watching finding nemo.


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