life list

okay, after much sitting around this sad sad holidays (and waiting for xmas cards, but to no avail), ive decided to come up with a life list– a premature one though, im definitely going to alter some bits of it out as i get older, and realise that 17 years old is too dangerous an age to be planning my life.

so a life list is a list of course, of all the things i plan to accomplish by the time i expire, which of course i hope, gives me at least 60 more good years to carry out my action plan. i dont plan to smoke, turn alcoholic or shoot heroin into my veins any time soon, so i guess i might actually be able to achieve alot of things on the list before im six feet under.

1. win a contest
something my mum always does, and even if ive won before, its because she sent my name in. so yes, win a contest, and have my name printed on the magazine, newspapers, whatever.

2. see, touch, breath, and maybe eat Snow
and no, im not talking about the pseudo winter in ice palace

3. play the guitar
marrying someone who plays the guitar could be an alternative lol

4. play the drums
almost there, ive already tried it once at melinda’s house

5. have a daughter and name her amber

6. get married and stay married

7. get a A for bio at As
the only subject i cant possibly get tuition for

8. buy my first louis vuitton bag before im 30
okay that kind of makes me a materialistic bitch

9. attend a real new years eve party
but not get molested and/or sprayed at with aerosol foam

10. get drunk on new years eve

11. have a treadmill in my house
and run everyday!

12. learn how to pronounce ‘foie gras’, then order it and try to understand why people pay so much to eat goose.

13. cook a proper (edible) meal, without burning down anything in the kitchen

14. change the photo on my ic
i bet a hundred other people have that on their life lists as well

15. fly to the bermuda triangle
haha joking, im planning a life list after all right?

16. get lasik surgery
braces for perfectly straight teeth, lasik for perfect vison, maybe i should have plastic surgery to flatten my stick-outty ears- yea right, if i had the guts and cash to start with.

so thats it, wow that took 2 hours. this is alot harder than i thought. but thats done! and im definitely taking no 15 off in no time.


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