to me, you are perfect

i watched love actually again for the 3rd time. ah it has got to be my favourite-test movie of all time. its one of the few christmas movies that actually make christmas feel like christmas, if you get what i mean.

once the movie ended, i went back to replay the one of the scenes, just to watch the guy large-ing keira knightly with cardboard signs. wah lao once he flashes the sign that says ‘to me, you are perfect’ and ‘my wasted heart will always love you’, sand suddenly gets into your eyes and the tearing doesnt stop.

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honestly, what an imaginative way to melt someone’s heart. why hasnt anyone thought about it before? lol

anyway, ive decided to read LOTR again, after i tried and gave up reading 3 times because its just as interesting as reading about trisomy in the 21st chromosome. this time ive got past the 1st chapter, and all the way to page 196!

but that doesnt make it any less boring. well there are 2 more books to go after this one, and 2 more weeks to finish them.


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