hello 810 days!

ah yes CIP is finally over and done with. the last day went very well, other than the fact that mango’s 50% sale was right in our faces for the whole 4 hours, and it was simply awful looking at everyone walking by carrying clear plastic bags with mango clothes.

on the brighter side, we managed to raise $1000 within a single hour, just thanks to 3 very-generous people. ah theres some goodness in the world after all.

furthermore, fatman wasnt there to boss us around.

another thing to add to a whole bunch of xmas surprises, schools going to start at 8:10am on all whooping tuesdays of 2007! that means:
1. a longer breakfast for lovebirds
2. more time to copy tutorials
3. more pullups for jonan
4. more sleep for me!

on the flip side, this also means
1. possibly going home at 430 on tuesdays
2. having to dread waking up earlier on wednesdays, thursdays, fridays and mondays

nonetheless, i still dont want to go back to school.


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