kiam kana

day one of CIP with world vision went horribly.

everyone that i approached somehow disappeared faster than i could ask, ‘would you like to sponser a child?’

even the people who initially wanted to camwhore with the (ugly) tree swooped off immediately when they saw us coming. only one person stayed long enough for me to ask the question, before replying with another question: ‘is this tree real?’

melinda and joe dropped by to visit! and they were charitable enough to buy hygiene kits for 2 kids. that was the first business deal of the day. haha i couldnt thank them more. and im sure the kids benefitting from it would be a billion times more thankful, though i dont think they would ever know where the kits came from (if the kits should make it to them in the first place). lol

BUT that’s not the point is it? point is, you can be charitable too this christmas season!, accumulate some good karma, and maybe the person you like will go out with you, or maybe get 6 As at A levels next year, whichever you like la.

and im serious. because if you want to impress a chick, all you need to do is buy a blanket for a kid in sri lanka (which is ONLY $14) and that will immediately send a message to the chick that,
‘children need to be kept warm. i can keep you warm too.’

shit i suck at pick up lines. well ultimately, i assure you that she will really appreciate it. because being charitable totally makes you smoother than justin timberlake. however, if she doesnt appreciate it, then im telling you shes a gold digger. dump her.

but i digress. anyway just please come and visit- marina square, near the fugly tree. we are very lonely ):

so that pretty much sums up 4 dreadful hours of standing around and wondering how cobwebs got up on a real (and i mean real, growing, living, photosynthesizing) christmas tree. ill be back for more tomorrow.


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