all i want for christmas

woo today i watched john tucker must die and i nearly died, because jesse metcalfe is uber hotness!

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ah except the part when he was in a gstring. ew thats not a very nice image to have stuck in your head. well anyway, its a good chickflick to watch when you’re rotting at home on a sunday afternoon.

ah yes ive finally finished writing all my christmas cards! i took about a week to do so. hahaha because i write christmas cards with truckloads of emotion, so its very mentally draining (more so than integration) to write them.

getting addresses from people are also another problem. because it bound to sound completely stalker-ish if you dont explain that you’re asking it for their xmas card, then again you dont really want to spoil the surprise. so after careful thought, i thought up of a really tactful way to ask for addresses:

hello can i have your address? i want to stalk you.

its pretty effective eh. i only had to waste an extra message on cassy, who witty-ly replied, ‘no you cant’

ah honestly, i havent actually spoken to alot of them (people im writing cards to) in a super long time. so i usually spend about 5 mins reflecting on select memories involving the individual, then translating them onto the card, and making it sound like i just spoke to them yesterday. yes, no wonder its so mentally draining.

well maybe when im not feeling too lazy one of these days, ill get my butt off the chair and go post the cards.


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