melinda the famous star

i was reading 8 days today (the issue with unfairly-hot girls in bikini) when i spotted someone very very familiar in one of the articles.

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and if you take a closer look,

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LOL yup its melinda, looking overly enthusiastic and reaching out to touch some of the champagne that ryan star spilt. you can almost see little hearts blotched all over her eyes.
pick me! pick me! ryan star!


well at least now she can tell people that she had her shot at fame- being featured in one of 8 days articles, even if its just 1/30 of the page. but everyones gotta start off small right?

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yes yes melinda, you are the power

i dont even remember being that lucky. the closest i got to that was a 5-pixel appearance of my ponytail in a little corner of a Straits Times article which was a brief writeup on the people who performed at national day parade 2002.

my second shot was completely editted out in an interview about i dont quite remember what. i think it had something to do with watching movies because i do recall being approached by a powdered face newscaster at cine. well maybe thats why it got editted out in the first place. lol

ah yes i suggest you go frame that up melinda!


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