cleopatra biatch

hahaha 8 people turned up. so im not going to sink into another emo entry about how the class is more interested in maths than my initiated class-dinners.

well we had a good time nonetheless, hogging the tables at crystal jade kitchen for 2 whole hours, despite the large crowd of poor dinner-less people outside. lesson learnt: go for dinner at 6pm, then you can hog the table for all you want.

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haha mel’s idea of sexy
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after the food came it was all gossip and joking around. we were talking so loudly that the ugly biatch in the next table with fugly cleopatra hair told us to shut up:
‘excuseee me, can yoo-all lower down your volume? you are not in macdonalds you know?’

talk to the hand biatch.

biatch’s friends kept catching glances at us the whole way after that. i could use a fork to poke their eyeballs out and serve them to someone who ordered tang yuan for dessert.

on the other hand, cleopatra biatch didnt dare look at us after that.
stupid hum ji peng

haha i dont care. i must aggro.
because i swear, its bloody retarded to tell 8 people off for talking at dinner. thats like scolding the orang utan in the zoo for not peeing in a toilet bowl. obviously cleopatra couldnt figure that out, because her makeup is as thick as her head.

anyway, luckily that happened towards the later part of the night. otherwise it wouldve ruined my appetite for roasted duck noodles and tang yuan (not biatch’s friends’ eyeballs though)

how about an xmas party next huh huh? ((:

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