the party planner

well if theres one ambition that ive completely ruled out (besides teaching), its gotta be party planning. i really sarrrk at it. i dont know if its me, or what. because this is the 19847192th time that a class dinner is turning out to be more like a threesome outing.

sometimes i wish i had the party planning skillz of my brother. he has primary school gatherings everyday. all he has to do is pick up the phone and tell his friend that he’s going to crash his house.

see, from the last day of school, i distinctly remember that 1SC2 is made up of 27 people. and i painstakingly messaged every one of them and asked politely for their RSVPs. and from the replies i got, it seemed like 1SC2 had half its population sucked up by the tsunami.

oh, but i bet if i messaged everyone to ask who wanted to have extra maths lessons, i would get 27 positive replies.

its even funnier, because we almost wanted to organise a christmas party. like have everyone sitting happily around the fake christmas tree and exchange presents. but i think im going to have to think twice about it now.

ah my poor heart has handled rejection one too many times.

wednesday will be a class dinner nonetheless. and just maybe, we’ll have a good time. ah sometimes i marvel at the amount of hope i have in situations like these.


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